Where is my Love?





When you  want to attract new, genuine, soul stirring love you
have to heal past love and past relationships. Here I share four tips on how to start the process.

Number One: Forgiveness. Not only do you offer forgiveness to
your past lover you must offer forgiveness to yourself, a lot
of times we walk around with the hurt of the past love. We have a lot
of unanswered questions like “what if?” “what could I have done
different?” “why did this happen?” In order to attract a new, real,
positive love relationship you have to offer forgiveness in order to
be sure that you are open to love. A lot of times we seek love but
we’re not really open to love, we want it but we’re not open to the
way and how it comes. You must be open to love and be vulnerable to
the process of a new loving relationship; this will happen once you
have forgiven your past relationships because you won’t be holding any
attachment to what was, you will be looking forward to what is and
what can be.

Number two: Fall in love with yourself! Love everything about you from
head to toe knowing that you are perfectly created and you are
dynamically wonderful just as you are; know that every single thing
about you is perfect. Affirm that you are bold, beautiful and
brilliant. You are loved, loving and lovable and when you are
confident in this, you will attract someone who loves you as much as
you love yourself.

Number three: Create a ‘love list’ I teach my clients who are looking
for love and who are wanting to manifest real love in their lives
about the love list. This list is much different than any other list
that you will create in your life. This list is your desires and only
you know the true desires of your heart; this list will be between you
and your angels in the universe. This will be your symbolic list that
you are saying “these are the things I want and these are the things I
have to have, here are my deal breakers so bring to me what I desire”
and watch the universe bring exactly what you want.

Number four: Make space in your life for love. It is very important
that you make space in your life for the love that you desire. A lot
of people are calling in love or a lot of times we call on love but we
don’t even have the space in our life because we’re so busy or our
lives are packed with stuff and we have no room for.

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You have got to declutter your personal life if you are wanting to call in real and
true love because when  your love comes you definitely want to make sure that you have room for it.