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 I am so glad you’re here! With the Divine Power of the universe you co create every experience in your life! You have been given a power like no other living thing on this planet, it is the power of connection and authority. There are paradigm shifts happening all over the planet and you are not here by mistake. It is divine alignment which has brought you to a place of seeking a deeper connection with higher consciousness, one that your soul has been craving and now you are ready to evolve into your highest and grandest self. Your true self and I am delighted to assist you.  

Nothing happens by chances  you have been lead here because you need clarity, answers or you feel stuck.  Maybe it’s around your love relationships, business, money, health or your looking for a deeper spiritual connection. My life purpose is to cross paths with those who are ready to receive the information they seek to take their lives the next level and to find out what they are here to do.  To help those who are grieving from a loss to heal and have peace. To clear blocks and live abundantly.  God has given you all you need within to create and live the life you desire. 

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“When you give, it is given every time.”

 Fran’s mission is to help as many people as she can through her teachings, she thanks you for choosing to give, so she can continue to teach and educate people all over the world how to use their God Given Gifts to live the live they dream.

Fran does a lot of work with single mothers because she understands what it is like to feel alone, raising children on your own with no help. She once was in that position. She helps with school supplies, daycare, food, clothing, whatever need that she can and we greatly appreciate your support.

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