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Fran is a Powerful Spiritual Teacher and Mentor for individuals who desire to understand ALL of who they were created to BE in Spirit and integrate those truths into their everyday lives – this creates a life which you once believed unattainable. She teaches how to bridge the physical with the spiritual by access the power of your mind and connection to the Divine. Her teachings are sought world wide with an extensive clients list including some of Hollywood’s Elite. She was born with the gift of discernment and  receives prophetic wisdom which  she uses to teach  and give messages  all over the world. Many say Fran disseminate love, light, healing and humor mixed in with practical, informative wisdom and insight. She works with thousands of people world wide to assist them with everything from help negotiate  million dollar contracts to giving messages of comfort from a loved one who has past over.  

 Dr. Fran  is a best selling author, motivational speaker, abundance & mindset mentor, mom,  and creator of Angels with Fran TV on YouTube. Fran has been  voted one of 100 Top Spiritually Influential People. 

The  messages she receives from her Heavenly Staff have been called 100% accurate. Her life goal is to cross paths with those who are ready to take their lives to the next level with intentional living and for God to use her life. Fran uses her special spiritual connection to help people hear the things they can’t or they are missing. She delivers messages of love, hope, peace, comfort, and enrichment. Fran comes from a long line of spiritual healers, prophets, and prayer warriors.  As a spiritual guide and mindset coach, Fran has helped thousands find their way and deeper their connections with Spirit and change their lives. With her “tell it like it is,”no excuse approach, and her warm loving delivery Fran inspires you to connect with your true desire and life’s purpose.

Fran regularly travels the world bringing messages of hope to sold out audience on intentions, forgiveness, healing, love, prosperity, and enrichment through motivational programs, seminars, and workshops

Fran’s young adult life focused on a more traditional path – college, marriage, family and career. She received a doctrine degree in Divinity and Spiritual studies from Friends University, studied at Unity Village as well as work for Silent Unity Prayer Ministries. During this time her spiritual gifts were used only to aid those close to her like friends and family. Over the years , with lots of love, prayer and guidance, her abilities and connections grew in strength, as did the call to walk the path and own the purpose of her life. It was in 2000 when Fran made the decision that her true path was to assist those seeking their higher purpose and ways to live their lives to the fullest.

Now Fran focuses on bettering the world one person at a time through faith, discernment, healing, love, and gratitude.

When Fran is not traveling, writing books or seeing clients, she is spending time with her family. She is usually somewhere close to the ocean, listening to music. Prince, Michael Jackson, T.I. or Barbara Streisand just to name a few.

Make A Change In Your Life Today and Experience Enlightenment & Joy

 Fran helps empower individuals to bridge the gap between the spiritual world and the physical world. She is a insightful spiritual teacher and practical life coach. Fran shows others how to practically use the laws of the universe  to work in their favor through grace, favor, angels and God. She  is  having a profound impact on SO MANY people. You are change personified! ~ Grace Y,  Los Angeles, Ca