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Fran is a master spiritual teacher with the gift of Prophetic Wisdom she is know as “the Bridge where the physical and the spiritual meet. In a session with Fran you are connected to your “Heavenly Staff™” which includes your Angels, Saints and Ascendant Masters. She serves as the guide who helps you understand your purpose here, and provides you a Divine education and information to help you navigate through your experiences equipped with the knowledge from above. Many have said a session with Fran is not only empowering but life changing because Spirit gets to the core of the matter pinpointing the issues you need resolved the most and helping you live up to your God given potential.

She specializes in love, health, grief, spiritual awakenings, prosperity, business and overall life.

Most of the time in your session you will receive many answers to your questions before you ask. You are here because you are seeking clarity and connection to higher spiritual intelligence and this journey has led you to Fran. With her sessions you are given information that will guide you to your true, authentic, highest self. You will receive the guidance you need to help you move forward and heal whatever blocks keeping you from living your truth.

Fran’s sessions connect you to your Soul’s Roadmap™ and guides you to your higher consciousness.

You have been  given the tools to live your best life, sometimes we just need a little assistance accessing them...

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With a session you feel empowered because you are connecting with a group of heavenly beings who come in love, light and honor, as a spiritual medium she also has the gift of connecting with loved ones who may have a message for you. She has helped thousands of people all over the world, from moms to elite celebrities using the power of Spirit, intentional manifestation, and universal laws to connect, and create a life they adore.

**If you are redeeming a free session for your referrals after you refer 3 people you receive a gifted session. PLEASE USE THE GIFTED SESSION APPOINTMENT ONLY. (Please contact us before booking)

"Dr. Fran is an amazing spiritual guide..."

Dr. Fran is an amazing spiritual guide after you have a session with her you feel motivated like you can really do anything! She is gentle and straight to the point. You just feel the spirit when you are with her. Thank you so much

Jackie P.
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